outdoor climbing

First two point five months – warm enough in the sun to climb outside — south of stockholm


Pre-Euro Florida

I am finishing up an amazing month of rest- of reading on the beach, making new friends and seeing old ones, visiting with family a bit of paperwork, perhaps even a little growth.

I was able to spend a week in longboat key alone, relaxing after finishing at OSU;  quite astounding how the sun can reset a worn mind

LongBoat Key

I did some exploring through a mangrove and found what I imagined the Native Americans must’ve looked forward to after an exhausting hunt.2014-12-10 15.01.45

… The white beaches of Siesta Key

2014-12-12 16.32.33

Then I met a girl…

2014-12-19 14.27.02

The adventures became easier and more numerous, including a romp through Myakka state park and a “magical” canopy walk

2014-12-21 14.14.04

A holiday trip down to Key Largo and West Palm to see the Family

2014-12-23 16.40.29

…Made some new friends2014-12-24 08.38.50

2014-12-24 15.43.02

2014-12-24 14.48.07

2014-12-24 12.30.24

2014-12-27 13.14.23

Spent some AMAZING time with the little one

2014-12-25 15.23.54

2014-12-25 15.23.59

Refreshing to witness a true investigator at work!
2014-12-25 17.21.12

…Before and after they grow up
2014-12-25 18.58.07

Toured the Rybovich boatyard, marveled at the sleeping monsters2014-12-27 13.51.38And the Fam in living color


Even found time to stumble upon an old stomping ground in Venice

2014-12-30 14.46.19

Introduced the girl to a true soul man

2015-01-02 11.38.38

Spotted this gem lying in the surf

2015-01-02 17.26.13

Even found myself in Orlando hanging with this concerned pater familias2015-01-03 22.35.56

2015-01-03 22.36.18

…There she is – Hey Kelly!2015-01-03 23.15.16

Even found an opportunity to geek out!

2015-01-05 10.38.00

Popped down to Naples to see the other Fam too!2015-01-04 15.22.23

Now Chicago –> Warsaw –> Stockholm